Max Factor Fantasy Fire (Photo Heavy)

I recently came by several bottles of Max Factor Fantasy Fire. This polish is not new by any means, but it is new to me. :) Since it's a layering polish, I've been wearing it over absolutely everything I can think of: black, blue, purple, even hot pink. It looks great over everything.

Fantasy Fire has a very sheer blue/purple jelly base with shimmer pigment that has a very strong red to green shift. The shimmer simply sparkles and glows, and you understand the name Fantasy Fire once you have seen it in person. I wasn't a huge fan of FF until I saw it in person, it's stunning!
(Please note this is my description, and may be technically incorrect in every way, I like to describe how it looks to me.)

First a bit of history if you are unfamiliar with this polish: (feel free to skip if you are)

Fantasy Fire is said to be a dupe of the polish Clarins 230, a gorgeous polish nicknamed "unicorn pee" that has been long discontinued. I've heard that the reason they stopped making 230 was because the multichrome shimmer pigment no longer exists. You can still find 230 on ebay for $70-$100 each, but this is outside my price range for nail polish. Personally I'd rather have 8-15 bottles of polish for that much money! Within the last year or so a UK brand Max Factor came out with Fantasy Fire, a polish with very similar characteristics to Clarins 230. I don't own 230 to compare the two, but according to most comparisons the polishes are about 99% dupes. 

Okay I'll shut up now and show you the pictures. This is just one coat of Fantasy Fire over 3 coats of OPI Louvre-Me Lourve Me Not. 

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - sun

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - shade
FF is still somewhat hard to find for those of us in the U.S. although ebay is always an option. If you are dying to get your hands on a bottle check back for my 100 follower giveaway. 

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - sun

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - shade
The sad thing about FF is that it comes in a 5 ml mini-bottle, that's 1/3 the size of most nail polish bottles. Once I actually saw it in person I wanted to pick up a backup bottle it's so gorgeous. Luckily there's some great dupes out there from our favorite indie brands, my favorite is Darling Diva Polish Ringer

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - shade

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - shade

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - sunlight
The green shift:
Max Factor Fantasy Fire - artificial low lighting

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - indoor artificial lighting
You can really see the 'fire' in this photo. Gorgeous! 

I love it! (Currently wearing "unicorn pee" layered over "unicorn puke" hehe) What do you think?

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