Whimsical Nail Polish Flower Child and Magical Mystery Tour

I am so happy to share some new indie polishes with all of my new readers!

When I first saw that Pam was releasing more whimsies I was pretty upset that the release was during my so called no-buy month... Then I bought a couple. So maybe I'm addicted to nail polish, but who can say no to Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam?

Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam

The two I picked out are Flower Child and Magical Mystery Tour (I must have been in a purple mood).

As soon as I opened my package I wondered why in the world I ordered Flower Child. I'm not a huge fan of glitter in creamy bases. The color is gorgeous, but it's inevitable that I won't like it... WRONG. Flower Child is fantastic! The color is sort of a periwinkle blue/lilac purple with shiny pink glitter of various sizes. On the nail this one is soft, feminine, and very, very pretty. Compared to the bright colors I usually wear it's very mellow and neutral. I will definitely be wearing this again! (Is it too early to plan my Easter Sunday mani?)

Formula was nice, I used two coats over Essie Bangle Jangle, I probably didn't need to layer it though I'm sure it could be opaque on its own. As usual with Whimsical polishes the glitter comes right out of the bottle with no fishing. I love it!

Whimsical Nail Polish -  Flower Child

Whimsical Nail Polish - Flower Child

Whimsical Nail Polish -  Flower Child
Magical Mystery Tour indeed has a magical appearance. It's a semi-sheer dark purple shimmer with various sizes of shiny blue glitter. It's gorgeous and I haven't seen anything like it before. I layered two coats over a thin (and patchy) single coat of Julep Morgan. Magical Mystery Tour would probably be opaque with  four coats or so and it would have a lot more depth than it did layered over an opaque color.

Whimsical Nail Polish -  Magical Mystery Tour

Whimsical Nail Polish -  Magical Mystery Tour

Whimsical Nail Polish - Magical Mystery Tour

I really don't know which new polish is my favorite, I truly love them both for different reasons. For an impulse buy I made fantastic choices. :)

Whimsical Ideas by Pam are available from Pam's Facebook page here and they retail for $10.

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