College Football Nail Art!

Bonus post! I'm still doing the 31 day (or is it 30 day, I'm not exactly sure anymore..) nail art challenge, but I've got some other fun things to share, so I hope you guys don't mind. :)

As I'm sure everyone has realized, college football season has kicked off. Last week, before I started the challenge, I was inspired to do some college football themed nail art. I'm currently living in South Carolina, but I was born and raised in the lower peninsula of Michigan. I'm a Michigan girl through and through, although not a huge football fan unless I'm actually at the game.

If you're familiar with Michigan college football, you probably know about the rivalry between Michigan State University and the University of Michigan (also known as State and Michigan/UofM respectively). I've never really chosen a side in this particular rivalry, and I have close friends who go to both State and to Michigan, so I decided to do manicures featuring both universities!

First up: Michigan State Nail Art.
Colors: Dark (forrest-like) Green and White
Mascot: Spartans

I free-handed all of the designs on this one with a small paintbrush. The S didn't turn out very well, but I love the spartan helmet! The Football is textured and was all free-handed as well. Polishes used: China Glaze Holly Day, Essie Very Structured, Zoya Coco, and Sinful Colors white (the small square nail art bottle).

State Football Nail Art

State Football Nail Art

University of Michigan nail art
Colors: azure blue and maize (dark blue and yellow)
Mascot: Wolverines

For this one I took the easy route and used China Glaze Sun-kissed and China Glaze Splish Splash. These colors were a little bit bright, but I loved the look anyway. This is exactly the kind of manicure I can see myself wearing to a UofM football game, bright and flashy! The football was done with: Essie Very Structured, Zoya Coco, and Sinful Colors white.

Michigan Football Nail Art

Michigan Football Nail Art

What do you think? This was a lot of fun to do! I especially loved making the little footballs which even had the perfect texture for a football. If anyone is interested in a tutorial for how I did the footballs just comment and let me know!

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