Dandy Nails Head Underwater Swatch

Today's challenge prompt is inspired by a color, now I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with this one, so I picked something easy! (Mostly because by the time you're reading this I will have been awake for two days straight.) I can't really think of a situation where a color has inspired me, so I decided to go with the beautiful blue of underwater. I just so happened to have the perfect polish for this blue: Dandy Nails Head Underwater!

Dandy Nails Head Underwater was released this summer as part of a collection of gorgeous blues. I wore it as soon as the package came in the mail and immediately loved it (these pictures are from then, which is why my nails are a bit shorter/rounder).  It's a metallic blue shimmer with blue, aqua, and silver glitter. The shimmery base gives this polish an awesome finish, very watery and pretty.

Don't you love the name? I'm always happiest when my head is underwater. :)
Dandy Nails Head Underwater

Dandy Nails Head Underwater

My Inspiration! (© Rebecca - me)

Like many polishes, this one looks much different in person than it does in pictures. The combination of sparkle and metallic really sets it apart! Do you have any Dandy Nails Lacquers?

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