KB Shimmer Band Geek: a new favorite for this band geek!

The moment I heard that there was a polish called Band Geek it was on my wishlist, and that was before I ever even saw this glittery beauty. I was a devoted band geek in high school, and proud to admit it! KB Shimmer Band Geek is a black Jelly loaded with gold, sliver, and bronze hex glitter as well as silver (or gold, it's so hard to tell!) microglitter.

The color is everything I would have expected and more! Classic black somehow fits with the elegance of a band ensemble and the metallic glitter is a perfect representation of musical instruments, the silver of a flute, the gold of a shiny trumpet, polished brass instruments, and sliver accents on a polished black drum. I love it all!

KB Shimmer Band Geek - Direct Light

The formula is amazing for an indie glitter. I didn't have to take any time fishing out glitter, but it wasn't so thick that it globbed on my nails. Dry time was pretty fast, but with any polish filled with glitter, giving it some extra dry time is crucial since you want the polish trapped under the glitter to dry too. I used 2 coats to get the black base opaque, and in the future I'd layer this over a black creme to preserve polish.

KB Shimmer Band Geek - Diffuse Light

KB Shimmer Band Geek - Diffuse Light

Don't you love it? I may have used a few too many explanation points in this post, but I just had to share how awesome Band Geek is.

KB Shimmer is available from KBShimmer.com (where I purchased mine) where they retail for $8.50. The owner, Christy, is currently on vacation but regular shipping is scheduled to return 10/15/12. The best thing about KBShimmer is that there is constant availability, no waiting for "restocks" like many popular indie polishes who sell on etsy. 

For my international readers, KBShimmer is also available from Harlow&Co, for $9 USD but is restocked sporadically. I also highly recommend you check out KB Shimmer's natural soaps and other products, everything I have tried has been great and smells amazing!

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