Scary Spiders!

Want to know what's so scary about this mani? The state of my cuticles! What a nightmare. I have to stick my hands into diluted bleach some days during work. It dries out my hands so badly that it takes nearly a week of intense hydration to get them back to normal. I didn't even realize my hands were so bad until I was editing the photographs, but the mani was too fun to not share!

The base color is Girly Bits Gentle Ginger (gorgeous orange shimmer) and the black is Cult Nails Nevermore (opaque black creme). I'm a huge fan of Cult Nails and I'm surprised it took me so long to try Nevermore since it's billed as a one coat black creme. I was skeptical of this claim, but it's 100% true, a perfect black base for glitters and great for stamping.

The stamping plate I used was MASH #38. The moment I saw the spiders I knew they were perfect for Halloween!

Orange with black spiders from MASH 38

Orange with black spiders from MASH 38

Isn't this just so fun for Halloween?

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