Girly Bits Roger That: Perfection in a bottle.

I'm in a wonderful mood today so I want to show you one of my favorite blue polishes. This is Girly Bits Roger That, a polish has a gorgeous look, and a wonderful meaning as it was created in loving memory of a boy named Brady Rogers.

Here is the story of Roger That from the Girly Bits facebook page: (any typos due to my personal error)

"ROGER THAT" A Memorial Tribute to Brady Rogers

July 21st our community was shocked, and deeply saddened by the sudden and unexplained death of a local teen, Brady Rogers. Brady and his closest friends and family were at his home celebrating his high school graduation when Brady collapsed and died.

In his 6'4 red haired, blue eyed frame, Brady was larger than life in spirit and personality. He was one of those kids who left an impression on everyone whose path he crossed and he loved his friends and family deeply and wasn't afraid to show it. My daughter came to me and asked if I could create a polish, in Brady's memory, and donate the proceeds to the Brady Rogers Memorial Bursary Fund at Kingsville District High School, from which he graduated just weeks before. Her and her friends came up with a color inspiration and a name- a sparkly blue, like Brady's eyes.
The name? "Roger That"

$5.00 from every bottle sold goes to the Brady Rogers Memorial Bursary Fund at Kingsville High School

Girly Bits Roger That

The polish itself is absolutely spectacular. Roger That is a gorgeous sky-blue linear holo. The blue is just the perfect color, not too bright, not too dark, pretty without being obnoxious. The linear holo is strong and visible in most lights. The formula was a dream to work with, and pigmented enough that it was opaque in two perfect coats.  

Girly Bits Roger That

Now, I'm normally not a massive blue fan. I like blue polishes, but they aren't the colors I reach for again and again. Not this one. The color is too perfect and feminine that I've worn this polish three times already (and somehow only just photographed it's perfection). 

Girly Bits Roger That

I usually don't pay this much for an indie-polish. Roger That retails for $12.50 (but remember, $5 of that goes to charity, so the remainder of the cost is for the bottle and polish materials - holographic pigment is expensive). They are generally hand-made polishes without the extensive testing and quality control of *some* larger companies. That being said when half of the proceeds go to a good cause it's a wonderful excuse to buy polish. I also bought Gentle Ginger, a second polish in memory of Brady Rogers (this time his hair) and I'm extremely happy with both of these polishes. They are also my first Girly Bits polishes, and the formula is so wonderful that I'm sure I'll be buying more!

Girly Bits Roger That
What do you think of Roger That? Are you more likely to purchase a polish if part of the proceeds go to a good cause?

Roger That is available from the Girly Bits Store for $12.50 (ships from Canada; this is where I purchased mine). Roger That is now available from Llarowe where it retails for $12.50, and $8 of each bottle is donated. Girly Bits polishes (but not currently Roger That) are also available from Harlow & Co where they retail for $10-$12. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I should add, Llarowe has recently also started carrying Roger That, at the same price $12.50, with an additional $3 from every bottle sold going to the Bursary. So that totals $8 from every bottle sold going into the bursary. If Llarowe does not have any in stock she will take them on special order.
    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for reading my post! I will definitely update it to include the information about Llarowe. Roger That quickly became my favorite blue polish!