Ozotic 505

Since I've been wearing a lot of reds and purples lately I thought it would be good to change it up and wear something blue.

This is Ozotic 505, a strong multi-chrome that shifts from teal to blue to purple to amber.  This is my first Ozotic polish, and I finally understand why they are so popular. I haven't come across any color-changing polishes with this much color shift. The formula was pretty sheer (which is expected for any good duo/multichrome), I layered two coats of 505 over Deborah Lippmann Dancing In The Sheets, a gorgeous dark blue shimmer.

Check out this multi-chrome!

First up, the teal side of 505...

Ozotic 505

.....the blue...

Ozotic 505

.. a bit of purple...

Ozotic 505

... the full spectrum...

Ozotic 505

... and lastly, an ugly angle to see the amber that's visible at extreme angles.

Ozotic 505

In reality Ozotic 505 is all of these colors at once. It's hard to capture in pictures but it's amazing in person!

What's your favorite color-shifting polish?

*Ozotic Polishes are available online in the USA from Harlow & Co, Ninja Polish, and Llarowe. They are expensive but worth every penny! (There will also be one available in my next blog giveaway... ) *

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  1. That's gorgeous! I can't wait for your next give away.