Best of 2013: Pink, Orange, and Green

Part two of my 2012 favorites, and the next polishes up are nudes, pinks, oranges and greens. Since I still haven't found a single yellow that I like I've skipped yellow completely! (Any suggestions for a good yellow?)

Some of the polishes that made my favorites list haven't been photographed! (The blasphemy!) so I've opted to group a few colors together to make up for the lack of photos! The link for individual blog posts on these colors is under the image if available! 


I'm still relatively new to nudes so I only have these two (but love them both and wear them constantly) I can't wait for my January Julep box to try some new nudes!

1. Zoya Shay: A clean pink-toned nude with subtle silver shimmer

2. Cult Nails Crusin' Nude: darker balanced nude with strong pink shimmer


I used to wear pink all the time but lately haven't been liking them as much so it was hard thinking of my favorites!

1. Jade Holographic Delirio Rosa: intense holographic bubblegum pink

2. Pretty and Polished Day Trippin': Not entirely a pink since it changes colors,
but mostly pink on my warm hands!

3. Orly Miss Conduct: Bright Pink with strong scattered holo

4. China Glaze 108 Degrees: hot pink glass fleck. Gorgeous!


1. China Glaze Riveting: incredibly sparkly orange glass fleck, old photo but such a pretty polish!
(Ugh, the cuticles!!)

2. OPI A Roll in the Hague: Perfect orange creme, just short of red

3. OPI DS Luxurious: sparkly shimmery bright orange


I never used to care for green polish, but it's really growing on me with the gorgeous greens I've tried lately!

1. Picture Polish Kryptonite: deep rich green with intense scattered holo

2. Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy: a muted dusty green that I can't get enough of!

3. Zoya Logan: dark dark shimmer green with a yellow tone to it

4. Cult Nails Coveted: deep dark green with green flakes and shimmer


  1. For a yellow Color Club "Daisy Does It" is pretty! I bought it along with the orange "Sparkle & Soar" for candy corn nails ~ (I haven't tried it on it's own yet, just over white)

  2. ooohh I'm still trying to get my hands on Kryptonite and Day Trippin'! But they definitely belong on your list!!!

  3. Finally - someone put OPI Roll In the Hague into their top shades of 2012! I was nuts for that when it first got into my hands right when it came out...I love a great orange and have many - but that one was unique in how bright it was but yet not neon - and the formula is sooooo good on it! I wore that a ton - esp on my fingers and I am bigger on nudes and softer shades on my fingers most of the yr until I get to holiday it seems - think it's because I can blend with anything I put on then and also hides the chips - but I gave it all up for Roll In the Hague1 I missed Kryptonite sadly...Miss Conduct was a HUGE surprise to many folks I think...I almost did not open the bottle to look at it closer thinking it was a glitter and I am sooo glittered out it's not funny...this yr with all the indie glitters and a couple yrs now of glitters from main line companys (I have a bunch of them .... trying to think which was the one that got me hooked first..maybe it was the OPI Alice in Wonderland collec. with Mad As A Hatter and Absolutely Alice...and still MAAH is one of my drop dead no one has been able to dup it in my mind polishes. Then there was the first of the confetti glitters with Deb Lippmann Happy birthday (but I know I had a lot of glitters before that one came out)...anyhow...if you only have 2 nudes you need more my dear! I have nudes back to the late 90's when we were pretty much all wearing Fr and Am manis and the first manique hands started to come right in that time...I had nudes in all shades, finishes. I still however need to get the OPI Pretzel My ...whatever it is from the Germany collection.

  4. Kryptonite is a must! I already have to pick up an extra bottle since mine's only half full. It made the perfect holiday green, and the holo is just so deep and gorgeous.

  5. I couldn't agree more! I picked up A Roll in the Hague late when the Holland collection was on clearance and I was surprised by how much I liked it. It's a perfect orange creme and not sheer or streaky like all of the neons, yet no one made it sound as great as it is. You're lucky to have picked up the Alice in Wonderland glitters. I wish I'd had the sense back then to know how popular they would be. Absolutely Alice is still on my wishlist, although I doubt I'd be able to part with the $$ to get it. I'm also getting a bit glittered out. I love my glitterbomb polishes, but it seems like that's 90% of what we're seeing right now. Every time an indie puts out an awesome shimmer (I'm partial to shimmers) it's not as big of a hit as their chunky glitters so they go back to the 'indie glitter look' which to be honest I'm a bit sick of! lol. I definitely need more nudes, I've always been a bright polish kind of girl, but the more I wear polish every day the more I love a good subtle nude. I'm really hoping that the Julep nudes turn out to be nice since I splurged for all of them (I split a box with a friend since she wanted all of the neons, it worked perfectly!) I want to try the OPI from the Germany collection as well, but I think with nudes I have to see them in person since they look so different on everyone's skintone. The Germany collection was definitely one of my favorites this year, I wish I would have just picked up all of them! lol.