Nail Mail! Color Club Holo Hues 2013

Edit: view swatches and comparisons of this collection here.

I don't normally share nail mail here on my blog but I just have to show you these gorgeous colors.

When they new 2013 Color Club Holo Hues polishes first started popping up I absolutely had to have them. At first no one was certain if they were legitimate. Color Club PR on Facebook insisted that they were either fake or PR samples and that the polishes weren't in production. The next day they announced that there was pretty much an "oops" early release of the Holo Hues Polishes.

While I feel bad for the Color Club company for all of this, I'm still very happy with my purchases that came in the mail today. Behold!

Black: Beyond
Blue: Over The Moon
Purple: Eternal Beauty
Pink: Miss Bliss
Copper: Cosmic Fate
Chartreuse: Kismet

Here they are on swatch sticks:

What do you think? Will you be buying these new gorgeous holos?

Currently available: ($60) - where I purchased mine
Ebay ($46)
Instagram User Justricarda (her blog is here) (US $45; CAN: $56; Intl: $62) - trusted


  1. They look fabulous, and I've already ordered 4 of them :)

  2. They do! I can't wait to actually wear them on my nails. :) Which three did you get?

  3. Which ones did you order? I love all of them so much I don't think I could choose!

  4. These are strong holos! Amazing! I'm trying to hold off a bit on buying polishes. I think I have 50 untried bottles. I might buy some of these! LOL!

  5. These look beautiful. I'm holding out for the CG holos this summer, but if I see these in store, I may snatch them up.

  6. I was going to order a few & then I saw CC's response so I held off and now I'm over-budget. LOL Guess they'll have to wait a while :(

  7. I was planning on the CG holos but I love these so much I might pass on the CGs. Have you seen swatches of the CGs? They've started appearing randomly, I think they're available early in singapore. has a few swatches. :D

  8. I totally caved and bought some of these last night. I really hope the the CG are stronger holo than those pictures are showing. That isn't going to cut it for me.

  9. Ooh, I just have to share, have you seen this? Comparisons of the new CG holos!