Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset

Have you ever gotten it into your head that you need a polish of a certain finish or color only to realize it doesn't seem to exist? I searched everywhere for Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset before it was released as part of their holiday collection. I wanted a red-orange-brown loaded with shimmer, and Pretty Serious delivered.

Seasonal Sunset is a deep russet red loaded with gold shimmer. The base is sort of the color of rust, orange-red, and a jelly base, but there's so much sparkly gold and copper flecks that it's hard to care about the base. The overall finish is almost a glass fleck, but the particles are larger.

The texture of this polish was a bit odd. Not outright bad, but different. I guess it was a bit goopier than the other Pretty Serious polishes I've tried. It was still easy to apply and nice and dense, this is two coats and top coat.

Isn't this one of the prettiest polishes you've ever seen? I'm seriously in love with it. I've already ordered a second bottle. <3!

Pretty Serious polishes are sold by Pretty Serious Cosmetics in an 11 ml bottle and Seasonal Sunset, as well as their other polishes retail for for $9.95 AUD (ships internationally, this is where I purchased mine). Pretty Serious are also available from Llarowe for $12 USD.


  1. I'm so glad you got rid of discus - that comment feature. Anyhow this is really unique, very nice polish. It looks almost like a gradient... seems darker at the tips?