February Money Mayhem Giveaway Winner and February Stash Additions!

This afternoon the Money Mayhem giveaway ended! After 4 days no one guessed the exact amount I spent on polish, but our winner was within $1!

Just to summarize for the fun of it:
Total number of guesses: 50
Average guess: $153
Highest guess: $656
Lowest guess: $0
Actual amount spent: $203 for 19 bottles of polish!

Winner: Ashley P. from Mommy Has Something To Say with a guess of $204!

Here's my February Loot: 

Jade Psicodelica, Whimsical Sparkaly Markaly, MAC: Concubine and Blissed Out

Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy, Butter London Fiddlesticks, and Posh Bird

China Glaze: Secret, Your Touch, Coconut Kiss, Angel Wings, and Cranberry Splash

Deborah Lippmann: Boom Boom Pow, My Prerogative, Hard Rock Life, Raspberry Beret, and Through The Fire

ManGlaze: Matte is Murder, Fuggen Ugly, Nawsome Sauce, Mink Mitten

Ninja Polish Enigma Collection

$203 isn't sounding so bad for this list of polishes is it? Maybe that's just what I tell myself. How much do you think you spent on polish last month?


  1. I'm thrilled to have won this! I forgot to mention in my email that my guess was calculated based on my own spending for last month, which you inspired me to tally up! I spent about three times as much, but at least it gave me a frame of reference to base my guess on ;)

  2. I love all the China Glaze polishes that you got.

  3. Holy Cow girl great haul! I'm on a tight budget so I probably spent about $30, maybe less, on polish last month (I usually spend WAY more than that when I had a job)! Lol