Shimmer Polish Mary and Jasmine

Today I have some amazing Shimmer Polishes to share with you! I'm very impressed with these glitters, and will go so far as to say that Shimmer Polishes are some of the most awesome glitters I've ever used (last I checked about 150 of my stash are glitters, so it's reasonable to say that I'm a big glitter fan). The reason for this is that I'm not a huge glitter top-coat kind of girl (and most indies need undies). I like polishes that are total glitter bombs and I'd rather use three coats of glitter and top coat than bother with a base color, so that's how I chose to swatch these shimmer polishes (although these could be layered as well). 

Not only are all of the Shimmer polishes absolutely gorgeous (and there's a wide variety of glitters available) but they have the best formula for a glitter polish. They aren't thick goopy glitters that are impossible to apply evenly, there's absolutely no fishing for glitter or dabbing it to spread it evenly around the nail. These Shimmer polishes each seem to have a flawless formula, thin and easily controlled but incredibly dense with glitter. I don't know how she does it, but Cindy is really creating masterpieces. 

Mary has a tinted red jelly base loaded with sparkles. The glitter looks red to me, and it's fine and holographic giving Mary incredible sparkle. The accent glitter in the mix is some medium sized matte black hexes. This color is right up my alley and absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could capture just how much this sparkles! Two coats of Mary and one thick coat of top coat.

All Shimmer polishes are named after women's names, and I keep thinking that they would make great gifts. I have a good friend named Mary and I might have to buy her a bottle of Mary for her Birthday. :)

Next up: Jasmine.

Jasmine is blue glitter mix with accents of silver, yellow, and a touch of pink and orange. As with all shimmer polishes it's difficult to sort out exactly what colors of glitter are blended together to create the overall look, because there are quite a few! Overall Jasmine is a gorgeous aqua blue, and one of my favorites! Jasmine was also incredibly dense and opaque in two thick coats. Like most glitterbombs, Jasmine dried a bit rough and takes a couple of coats of top coat to smooth out to a glass like finish. (I actually really like how Jasmine looked without top coat as well, bumpy but still incredibly glittery and sparkly, I wish I'd taken a picture!)

You can purchase Shimmer polishes for $12 USD from Etsy and she does ship internationally. Shimmer polishes are also available directly from Shimmer Polish and Harlow & Co! They are a bit on the expensive side of indie polishes, but worth every cent! (It's not often that I say that. I can think of several brands I've paid $12+ for and been disappointed).  Also check out Shimmer Polish on Facebook or the Shimmer Polish Blog.

**Products in this post provided to me for review, 
which has in no way influenced my opinion.**