Born Pretty Loose Glitter Review

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I was recently given the opportunity to review a product from the Born Pretty Store. I chose this wonderful selection of mutli-colored hexagonal glitters. This type of glitter is perfect for nail art accents. The 12 colors of glitter come in cute little glitter pots that are easy to store and use.

The set of glitter I got is the 12 Colors Nail Art Shiny Glitter Powder Sheets. I would describe the colors as light pink, dark blue, silver, rose gold, chartreuse, kelly green, red, light green, aqua blue, orange, transparent shimmery, and pink (see image below). 

Each pot is loaded with glitter, and there's easily enough glitter here for me to do hundreds of manicures.

Here are a couple of looks where I tried out the glitter for nail art.

I started with a base of China Glaze Sexy Silhouette and carefully placed blue glitter (I used the lighter of the two blues) in an arch around each finger to mimic a rufian manicure. For an accent I tiled my right finger entirely with the hex glitters.

This glitter is very easy to use:

  • To place each glitter, you simply add clear top coat to your mani where you want the glitter to go. (This will be your glue, so I'd recommend not using a fast dry top coat or it will dry before you place the glitter.)
  • To place the glitter, I used a wooden orange stick, but anything pointy should do. 
  • First dip it lightly in water, you want the stick to be damp but not dripping. I actually licked mine, but don't recommend that unless you have a new sterile orange stick (gross I know). 
  • Touch the damp stick to the center of a piece of glitter. The water will cause the glitter to gently stick to your wooden stick.
  • Carefully place the glitter down on the wet top coat and it will stick where you place it. If you work quickly you can change the position if you have to, but don't do this if the base color is still fresh (it will dent). 
  • You will need to re-moisten the orange stick every 2-3 glitters if they stop sticking. 
  • Finish placing all of your glitter (you may need to re-apply top coat if it dries while you work) and carefully cover with top coat. 

I love how this looks! It's hard to capture in pictures just how sparkly loose glitter looks when used this way. Since every glitter is flat to my nail and perfectly lined up, it catches the light more than any glitter polish can.

For this mani, I started with a base coat of piCture pOlish Dorothy. I then carefully placed a line of glitter (this time using the rose-gold color) down the center of my nail for an accent. This mani was much faster and easier to do than the last, but looked just as gorgeous!

One thing I really love about this glitter is that it's fairly solvent resistant. If you've ever used craft glitter for nail art (which I have) the colors tend to bleed as soon as you add top coat. All of the colors from this set were color-fast and didn't bleed.

The Born Pretty Store has many nail products for amazing prices, so if you haven't checked it out before feel free to do so! They even gave me a discount code that you can use in the Born Pretty Store for 10% off! This glitter set (item ID: 3103) retails for $6.45 USD with free shipping.

Have you used loose glitter for nail art before? I'd love to see pictures, comment with links to blog posts or facebook/instagram/twitter pictures. :)

**Products in this post provided to me for review.**


  1. These are stunning! I ordered some 'glequins' from Born Pretty too and these amazing designs are inspiring me! Now if only they'd get here now! xx

    1. Hopefully they get there soon! I'm so happy you liked my designs! If you truly want to be inspired, check out Polish All the Nails.. her designs are truly stunning!

  2. I really want to try out loose glitter, there are so many beautiful designs out there, and the possibilities are endless! Great job!
    And congrats on your own domain!!

    1. Thank you so much Erica! Loose glitter like this is so much fun, you really do have to try it! :D

  3. Glequins are among my favorites to do nail art!! I love what you've done with 'Dorothy'!