ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood Complete Review and a Comparison!

I've never been a fan of matte nail polish until recently, and now that I am ManGlaze is the brand to go to! The names are a bit vulgar (so if that offends you, I apologize but they're also pretty funny). These polishes are technically suedes, since they are matte polish with shimmer, but they're gorgeous!

Fatty's Got More Blood is a purple-toned blood red with silver shimmer.

The formula on this one was great! Opaque in two coats and fast drying, you just need to work quickly to prevent the polish from drying mid-nail.

Wear test! 

Manglaze polishes wear amazingly well. Mattes have the reputation of chipping easily but I put this polish through the ringer and didn't get any tip wear what-so-ever! As the polish wore, it got a bit shinier, losing that inky matte look, see for yourself:

Dupe Test:

Since I've been on a matte-kick lately I thought it would be great to compare Fatty's Got More Blood with another of my newer mattes: Layla 07 Queen Bordeaux. They looked similar in the bottle but....

 Index and ring: FGMB; Middle an pinky: Layla 07

No dupes here, although in indoor lighting they look a bit more similar. Layla Queen Bordeaux is a bit of a lighter red with gold shimmer rather than silver. The textures of these two polishes are also very different. ManGlaze is a true matte with a very fine grit texture while Layla Softouch polishes have a grittier texture (that is still soft) and are more sparkly. FGMB wears longer without showing tip wear, but Queen Bordeaux maintains the matte effect longer.  (Please ignore the strange mark on my middle finger, I got distracted part way through application and it left a little bump which I was too lazy to re-do!)

Are you a fan of matte/suede polishes or do you need your top coat? :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! It was so fun to wear, dark, vampy, and gorgeous.

  2. I want both of those polishes!

    1. You NEED both of these polishes! They are absolutely gorgeous, and there's just something about a matte vampy red that is to die for!

  3. Fatty's got more blood has been on my wish list forever now :D It's gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much! It's definitely a gorgeous quality polish. The wear time on ManGlaze polishes is amazing as well!

  4. I am in love with the finish of this polish! Guh so gorgeous