piCture pOlish Cosmos

Today I bring you one of the most perfect and gorgeous blue polishes I've ever owned: piCture pOlish Cosmos!

I fell in love with the piCture pOlish brand when I purchased the polish Kryptonite, a perfect, gorgeous dark green with big scattered holographic particles. The holo in Kryptonite was magical, and absolutely stunning. Since then piCture pOlish has introduced several more polishes with this same finish in different colors (the new Monroe, Cosmos and O'Hera). This is simply the most gorgeous polish finish that I've ever seen.

Cosmos is a rich dark blue with big scattered holographic particles. The particles shift silver, blue, green, and every other color in the rainbow. The base is a dense jelly, so it has the most incredible depth. I can't even come close to telling you just how gorgeous this polish is!

I have a feeling Cosmos will be making an apearance on a lot of favorite polish lists this year. It's simply divine. Have you tried piCture pOlish? They're definitely one of my favorite brands!

piCture pOlish Cosmos retails for around $14.50 USD and is available from Llarowe (USA), Harlow & Co. (CAN) (currently out of stock), and directly from piCture pOlish (AUS). Select piCture pOlishes are also available from Ninja Polish (USA) and Mei Mei's Signatures (SIN). 


  1. Beautiful! I can't get enough blues in my collection:)

    1. Cosmos is definitely worth adding to your collection! It's one of the most perfect blues I've ever seen. :)

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    1. Me too! Isn't it just stunning? I understand why they called it 'Cosmos.' Thanks for commenting!

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    1. Thanks Jenni! It's such a gorgeous polish, I've already worn it 3 times, which is really saying something for me. :)