Shimmer Polish Maria Swatches

Today I have another gorgeous Shimmer Polish to show you that I received to review! As usual it's another sparkly glitterbomb. Opaque glitter polishes are some of my favorite polishes, and Shimmer is quickly becoming my favorite brand for glitters.

This is Shimmer Maria, a beautiful ocean-blue glitter mix. I love that it's called Maria because it reminds me of all things marine, and the name fits perfectly! Maria is a gorgeous blend of light and dark blue glitters. It really reminds me of liquid water, the way the glitter reflects silvery like little white caps on the ocean. If you're a blue lover this is the polish for you!

The formula for Shimmer polishes seems to always be flawless: dense and glitter-packed while smooth, thin, and easy to apply. Maria was no different, although perhaps a bit more dense. All of the photos below are three coats and no top coat (I also tried it with top coat, but really preferred it without top coat since I love how it looks like water).

The last photograph below shows just two coats and you can tell that it was nearly opaque then. If I hadn't been photographing this polish under bright lights I would have stopped at two coats!

Shimmer Polish Maria, 2 coats:

Have you tried Shimmer polishes? If not what is your favorite glitterbomb polish? :)