Butter London Scoundrel Swatch

I have a rather large presentation for work this evening, so everyone wish me luck! I decided to wear the subtle yet gorgeous Butter London Scoundrel for my presentation. Since I'm a bright-colored-nails kind of girl I figured I would tone it down for the presentation. I don't want everyone watching my nails when they should be listening to what I have to say!

Butter London Scoundrel is one of the few near-pastel colors in my collection. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I HATE pastel polishes on me. I have this habit of buying pastels after seeing gorgeous swatches and loving how they look on other girls... then I put them on and have instant lobster hands! I hate how pastels make my skin look dark, red, and kinda dirty. Scoundrel however, is a gorgeous dusty purple. That dusty grey tone makes all of the difference. Scoundrel is what I'd describe as a lilac purple, it tends to be a bit more red-toned than blue toned. In the bottle it looks lighter, but it dries to this gorgeous purple.

The formula on Scoundrel was good, this is two buttery smooth coats. The formula reminds me of a crelly, since it applies like a jelly (smooth and easy) but dries opaque like a creme.

I was really surprised how much I love Scoundrel. While I was trying to tone it down for my presentation, I ended up loving this as a subtle girly purple. I've been told that a good manicure can give you confidence for public speaking and I need everything I can get!


  1. This color looks great on you! Unfortunately, it didn't look so hot on me. Loved the formula though!

    1. That's usually my problem with any polishes that are in the least bit pastel, I was surprised how nice it did look! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I agree, I really didn't expect to love it but I do. :)