Cirque Fascination Street Swatches

Today I have a gorgeous, fascinating polish to show you, Cirque Fascination Street (see what I did there). I'm definitely a huge fan of holographic polishes, yet it still takes a lot to impress me since I have so many in my collection. Fascination Street is different than your average holo for two reasons, the first is that it's a dark purple-blue and still maintains a strong holographic effect. The second interesting thing about Fascination Street is that it has subtle pink shimmer. When I first wore this polish I wasn't sure I was truly seeing shimmer, in bright light the holo completely hides the shimmer so it's hard to be sure!

The formula on Fascination Street was perfect! I prefer thinner formulas because they are easier to use, dry quickly, and prevent me from flooding my cuticles. Fascination street was thin on the first coat and completely opaque on the second. These photos are just two coats of Fascination Street.

Isn't it just one of the pretties polishes you've seen in a long time? I love how it's blue and purple at the same time. In some lights it looks navy blue while in other lights there's no doubt that it's purple. The holo is strong and not dulled by top coat. I seriously love this polish!

*Cirque Polishes are available from and Fascination Street retails for $15. 


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    1. Me too, I can't believe I waited so long to try Cirque! :D

  2. I love the Cirque colours! I just bought Epoch and Planet Caravan, I';m in LOVE with Planet Caravan! How did you find wear time? That was my only issue with them.

    1. Epoch is on my Cirque wishlist! I would own all of them if it wasn't for the cost. I actually found the wear time wasn't an issue at all. I wore this one for two or so days and didn't have any chips or tip wear when I removed it. I never wear a polish for more than a couple of days so that might be why I didn't have any issues with it.