ManGlaze Nawesome Sauce Swatches and Review.

I don't know why I have a sudden love for matte and suede finishes, but my obsession is still in full force! ManGlaze has to be one of my favorite brands for suede polishes since they don't chip and dry quickly. Suedes are really great when you want a fast manicure and don't want to take the time for base coat and top coat.

This is ManGlaze Nawsome Sauce, a suede finish dark green with just a hint of olive and silver shimmer.  The finish starts out much more matte but wears to a semi-matte finish after a couple of hours (pictured below). The formula was smooth and fast drying, and this is two flawless coats over a base coat. I didn't have any staining from this green (which was surprising considering how dark it is), however, I did use a non-acetone based remover that doesn't cause as much staining as acetone-based removers.


Nawsome Sauce is just an awesome green (see what I did there?) I love the base shade and the color balance and that special touch that the shimmer adds. Are you a matte/suede polish lover?


  1. really, really pretty green! i love it!

  2. Love the name and love the polish. I wish that ManGlaze was easier for us Swedes to get the hold on both they only ship to Sweden with insane shipping fees :(

    1. That's really unfortunate, they're such great polishes! You don't see any of the shops that specialize in international shipping picking up the brand either, I wonder if ManGlaze just wants to be proprietary?