Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream

I have a bit of a polish theory for you today... My theory is that the popularity of textured nail polishes began with a single polish: Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream. When it was released, Mermaid's Dream was original in the polish realm, with an unexpected combination of shimmer and glitter. Mermaid's dream is frosty and bumpy, and it dries to a textured appearance that every polish addict might have hated... instead everyone loved it. Mermaid's Dream was one of the most popular polishes from last summer, enough that Deborah Lippmann has released a mermaid collection with pink, purple, and blue versions of Mermaid's Dream (I have the pink and purple, and the original is still my favorite).

Mermaid's Dream is a frosty turquoise base with blue glitter, and tiny sparkly glitter. It's a complex polish, and it reminds me of pearls and the ocean, mermaid's dream indeed! The formula is good, it's easy to apply, but just a touch sheer. I usually find the need to use three coats, although it's nearly opaque in two (three pictured below). I usually wear it with a coat or two of top coat since I'm not a huge fan of bumpy polish, but top coat doesn't change the look of the polish very much at all (pictured with 1 layer of top coat).

Don't you just love it? I certainly do, and it looks particularly amazing with a little bit of a summer tan.

I'm planning on wearing Mermaid's Dream to go with a dress I bought for a friend's wedding this summer. (From Maurices, pictures on the left) Isn't it a perfect combination?

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  1. It's a fantastic looking polish, and I love the name :)

  2. This is SO GORGEOUS!! I've been lemming Mermaid's Dream sooo hard, lol. That dress looks so pretty, too, a perfect match for the polish ;)

  3. I think your theory might be right and Mermaid's Dream really is a gorgeous polish :)

  4. This is perfect with the dress and for a wedding! Hope you have a really nice time!