OPI Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue

Oh my, another winter color in spring! I've always been horrible about wearing nail polish colors to match the season. If I want to wear dark blue polish I do so regardless of the season. I've been wearing bright pinks more lately than I did this winter, but I still love dark vivid polish the most of all.

OPI Unfor-Gretta-Bly Blue is a dark, rich blue shimmer that just glows. I love polishes with a blackened base and glowing shimmer, and Unfor-Gretta-Bly Blue didn't disappoint. The shimmer is very fine and almost frost-like (although it does not show brushstrokes).

The polish is opaque in two coats, though the photos below are with three coats. The formula was very fast drying, and I worked very carefully to avoid getting blue on my cuticles since blue often stains. Because of this I ended up using three coats to get a perfectly even finish, you could easily use two. I did have some staining when I removed the polish, but it didn't stain as bad as I expected.

This smooth glowing shimmer is the same as Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs, another of my favorites from last fall's OPI Germany collection. This blue is just stunning and I can't help but want to wear it all year long!

Do you wear summer polishes in the summer, or just wear what you feel like? :)

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  1. Love this one!!! I wear what I feel like..I don't match the season.