Pomegranate Lacquers Princess of Persia

Here's some old photos for you! (Note the square corners.) I haven't posted this review because this polish wasn't a pleasant experience for me and I hate writing negative reviews. I have several Pomegranate Lacquers polishes that I love, but Princess of Persia sadly isn't one of them.

Princess of Persia is a hot pink jelly loaded with fine iridescent fuchsia shimmer. The color is absolutely to-die-for, it's everything I could want in a pink polish! The formula, unfortunately, left a bit to be desired. On it's own Princess of Persia is opaque in 4-5 thick coats. The polish is a bit watery and was very, very slow to dry for me. After taking these pictures the polish wiped right off even though it has been drying for about 3 hours. I highly suggest layering this polish to avoid lengthy dry times.

Glowing iridescent pinks are my absolute favorite but I can never seem to find one with a perfect formula, so far my favorite is China Glaze 108 Degrees. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? :)


  1. Have you seen Pretty Serious The Pink One? I just got it last night. I also love Zoya Kiki.

  2. Yikes...4-5 coats? Too many for my liking! On top that 3 plus hour dry time...I am out! I would have no patients for this polish! Although the resulting color is gorgeous! Thanks for the honest review.

  3. very pretty shade of pink! the drying time does seem intimidating though :)