Cirque Curiosity Swatches

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Today I have the gorgeous Cirque Curiosity to show you. Curiosity is a beautiful bright red (it leans just a touch towards blue, but is very well balanced). The polish has a jelly base loaded with tiny gold flakes that form a shimmery finish. In the bottle the gold flakes seem very obvious, but on the nail they are absolutely perfect, very visible without overpowering this gorgeous red.

The formula was very good, not too thick or too thin but completely opaque in two coats. I wore this polish for three or four days without any wear, in fact, the photos you see below are after about three days, and it still looks just as gorgeous as day one!

Curiosity has been on my wishlist since I first saw swatches of this gorgeous red, and I'm a fan of the Cirque brand (particularly when I can catch their sales, since they are on the pricey side of indie polishes). In my collection of reds I can't say that Curiosity is absolutely unique, but it has a great formula and is a perfect choice if you're looking for a golden shimmery red.

Cirque Curiosity retails for $13 USD and is available for order online.


  1. I JUST put this on my wanna list yesterday and now seeing your lovely photos has about elevated it to lemming status. Beautiful!

    1. It's gorgeous! Good choice for a lemming. :)