Ozotic 617

Do you ever get in a mood to wear the same color of polish over and over again? I definitely do, and I've been wearing a lot of blues lately. I'm usually a red kind of girl but I just haven't been feeling the reds lately. Today I have the gorgeous Ozotic 617 to share you.

Ozotic 617 was on my wishlist for quite some time when a friend found it for me for a great price. In my experience, Ozotic is quite well known for their duo/multichrome finishes, but they really make a spectacular scattered holographic. 617 is a light sky blue loaded with scattered holographic particles. The particles are so dense than you can definitely see the full rainbow effect in direct light. I love how this polish is light colored without being pastel blue (which would look awful with my skintone).

The formula on this polish was fantastic, I was pleasantly surprised that it was opaque in two coats since it has such a light colored jelly base. It dried quickly and very smooth, and this is pictured with one coat of SV.  I often have problems with polishes in humid weather (humidity really makes polish bubble as it dries) but this dried smooth even with my hot, humid, South Carolina weather.

I just love this color, and it looks fantastic on my skintone. Don't you just love scattered holos?


  1. It's beautiful. I've got it in my box of untrieds, and will have to try it soon :)

  2. So gorgeous! I used to not be too into scattered holos, but that's totally changed. I love the more elegant feel they have to them.

    1. They do have an elegant feel, you're right. I just love how forgiving they are of the ridges in my nails (and you can't beat that smooth sparkle!)

  3. Gorgeous polish on you. I love scattered holos