Butter London Chancer (Photo Heavy)

I have to admit something to you, I've been hoarding these pictures for quite some time (my complete lack of a tan is a clue as to how long they've been waiting in my blog folder for). This polish, for once, simply took my words away! What do you say about a polish that perfectly captures everything you love?  I was speechless.

Butter London Chancer is a deep red jelly loaded with red glitter. While it is a blue-toned red, it's still quite balanced, and perfectly deep and rich. Unlike the similar China Glaze Ruby Pumps, the glitter in Chancer is larger and the base color is just a little bit darker. As a glitter, this formula was a bit thick, but not too hard to deal with. Chancer dries to a bit of a rough finish that is smoothed out with two coats of topcoat.

This is the perfect polish for the holidays (or any other time you want a glowing red glitter) but I just love Chancer so much. It's perfect!


  1. Ooh I just love reds like this! It looks fantastic!!

  2. Yes! Very dramatic and sparkly! Perfect red.

  3. I'm not a big fan of red polishes, but this is very pretty!!!