The Polished Mafia Honor in Blood

Press Sample

Today I have another gorgeous polish from my friend Samantha of The Polished Mafia! The first polish I posted about was the beautiful Not Your Momma's Pink. As much as I liked that pink, I think Honor In Blood is my new favorite!

Honor In Blood is a pink-toned red holographic polish with red glitter. The holo is a combination of tight linear and loose linear, giving it a very sparkly holographic finish in any light. I'm a fan of holos like this, ones that aren't so extremely holographic that they just look faded and silvery. For me holos need bold color and the right base, and Honor in Blood was perfect, it reminded me quite a bit of the old OPI DS holos. The glitter adds a unique bit of character and adds a bit more sparkle to this gorgeous red holo.

The formula of this polish was an absolute dream. Although I used two coats for the photos below this one was pretty opaque after a single coat! I think I could have easily used just one coat if it wasn't for the intense lights I use to take my photographs (even then if I'd been more careful on my first coat I wouldn't have needed the second). It applies very smooth and doesn't require any special base coat to bring out the linear holo.

Sadly my camera couldn't capture the holo perfectly and we've been having so much rain lately in Charleston I couldn't catch any sunlight photos. Trust me when I tell you that this holo is perfectly balanced!

I may have gotten a bit carried away with the photographs, but wouldn't you with this color? It was very flattering on my skintone and I got quite a few compliments while I was out and about! I'd love to hear what you think! 
The Polished Mafia Honor In Blood retails for $11.00 with free US domestic shipping and is available from the online store. Also check out The Polished Mafia on Facebook!


  1. this color is ok but I'll better prefer without glitter one ..Thanks for the share

  2. Lovely color and flawless swatches!

  3. a beautiful pink holo! great swatches :)