Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Today I have another polish from my favorite indie polish brand! This is Pretty serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher!!

Purple Monkey Dishwasher was released as part of the ongoing Seriously Random Collection! If you're not familiar with Pretty Serious Cosmetics, the Seriously Random Collection is a collection built out of polishes that were prototypes, lab mistakes, and miscommunications. While most indie polish brands just hide these sorts of polishes away somewhere in their HQ, Pretty Serious decided to release an ongoing collection of polishes called the Seriously Random Collection. Many of these polishes are just downright gorgeous!

Purple Monkey Dishwasher is only the most gorgeous, richest, most vibrant royal purple glitter I've ever seen. My camera had a really difficult time capturing this purple (as it does with most purples) but I got pretty close! If anything this purple is even more rich than it seems here.

The formula on Purple Monkey Dishwasher was very similar to Pretty Serious BSOD. It's finely milled glitter in a jelly base, so it applies a bit thick, but smooth. I used two coats and a single coat of topcoat for the photos below.

Isn't Purple Monkey Dishwasher just gorgeous? I love opaque glitter polishes, especially ones that don't require tons of topcoat to be smooth!