Urban Lacquer: The Opposite of Good Collection Swatches and Review (photo heavy)

Today I have a gorgeous new collection to share with you from Urban Lacquer! This collection is called the Opposite of Good Collection, and it's a great mix of polishes and finishes. This collection launches tomorrow, Sunday August 11th at 6:00 PM Central in an Urban Lacquer's restock!

The Opposite of Good Collection consists of 5 polishes that play off of everything that is the opposite of good, in other words, very very bad! Here's the idea behind the collection:
"It started with Illuminaughty.  I wanted to name a polish Illuminaughty for quite some time, but never felt I had created an appropriate color that would match that name.  So, after thinking about this polish name, and playing off the word “naughty”, I decided to create a collection based on things that I consider to be bad, or, in other words, the Opposite of Good.  This collection is comprised of 5 polishes – 4 polishes based on “bad” things, and 1 polish that is bad, but in an oh-so-good way." - Brenda of Urban Lacquer
I love the theme of the collection, polishes based on things that we just know are bad! Without further ado, here are my swatches!

First up is Muffin Top, a beautifully shiny pale purple linear holographic. Who doesn't know the agony of a muffin top, whether it's feeling it or seeing it, no one wants that. Muffin Top, although named for that horrible look and uncomfortable feeling of being too fat for your pants, is the exact opposite!

Muffin Top is gorgeously shiny, with linear holo that is prominent but not overwhelming. Muffin Top is beautiful and feminine, a nice light lavender with a soft shiny finish even when the holo isn't visible. The formula was great, photos are with two coats and top coat!

Baby Cake is a pink shimmer, although it is so much more complex than that! Baby Cake is a bright pink jelly base loaded with tiny flakey shimmer that seems to shift between gold and green. The shimmer is really something and I don't have anything quite like it!

The namesake of Baby Cake is those awkward life-like cakes that just look too much like the real thing! I've found you an example here. Not good. Very, very not good.
"This polish was inspired by a cake I saw online that was in the shape of…a baby.  Not a baby-doll-baby, but a for-real-no-kidding-kinda-looks-like-a-real-baby cake.  A strange combination of creepy and edible, and definitely the Opposite of Good." - Brenda
Baby Cake was the most sheer of the bunch, the photos below are three thick coats with top coat. It applied very easily and smoothly and I didn't need any cleanup. Brenda warns that this polish is very concentrated and will stain. I didn't experience any noticeable staining with my nails (mine are already horribly stained from wearing so many reds that I doubt I'd notice), but be warned!

Next is Coffee Breath. Coffee Breath is a dense glitter mix of brown, copper, and gunmetal silver glitter in a clear base. The glitter is a complex blend of sizes and shapes, and much more pleasant than your typical morning coffee breath! This is Brenda's take on a beautiful camo-inspired glitter.

The formula was great, the glitter was incredibly dense and not difficult to apply. For the photos below I layered Coffee Breath over Urban Lacquer Muffin Top. With one coat there was a great glitter distribution and it's easy to see the different sizes and shapes of glitter in the mix.

Furthermore, Coffee Breath would easily be opaque on its own, below is two coats over Muffin Top, and the purple is barely visible. The photos below are two coats plus top coat. I tend to prefer to wear solid glitter shades, so it was absolutely perfect for me, I'll definitely be wearing this again and again!

The best part about Urban Lacquer Coffee Breath: the glitter is holographic! Check out that sparkle that only shows up in the blurry photo. Stunning!

Reply All was an unexpected favorite for me. I love the name (definitely one of my pet peeves!) and the polish is gorgeous. I've seen quite a few black and white glitter mixes but never thought they were for me until wore Reply All.

Reply All has a mix of small black and white glitter as well as some bigger circular white glitters. I'm a sucker for circular glitter and I love this combination!

The formula was great, I used the dabbing method to get an even distribution of glitter in a single coat. The photos below are one coat of Reply All over Zoya Caitlin with top coat.

Here it is layered over Baby Cake! I love it with the contrasting color. Isn't this just too fun?

Lastly, I have Illuminaughty, the inspiration for the collection and a stunning midnight blue. Illuminaughty was another favorite of mine, and it's gorgeous!

I love Brenda's description and just have to share it with you:
"This is the *only* polish in the Opposite of Good collection that is bad, but in an oh-so-good way.  When I was creating Illuminaughty, I wanted the overall vibe of the polish to be…Sexy.  Strong.  Alluring.  This polish is dedicated to the not-so-secret society of bad ass nail polish fiends everywhere; join the Illuminaughty." - Brenda
Illuminaughty is a  midnight blue jelly base loaded with holo glitter. The jelly base gives it incredible shine and depth and the glitter is very sparkly (see the blurry photo below). The formula on this polish was very good, I used two coats and top coat for the photos below. With the glitter this one does dry a bit rough so it needs a thick top coat to smooth it to the glossy finish you see below!

Overall, I love the Opposite of Good Collection! It is a great mix of colors and textures, and I was surprised by how much I fell in love with several of these. The formulas were all great and I didn't have any issues at all. Reply All is going to be a new favorite glitter topper of mine and I can't wait to wear the dark and sultry Illuminaughty all winter long!

What do you think of this collection? Which are your favorites?
Don't forget, The Opposite of Good Collection launches tomorrow Sunday August 11th at 6 pm Central from Urban Lacquer on Etsy! Also look for more swatches of this collection and updates from Urban Lacquer on Facebook.