Blue Scattered Holo Comparison

After yesterday's comparison, someone asked me to compare more blue scattered holographics, so here's a new pairing of polishes! (This time I got my labels right, haha). This is piCture pOlish Cosmos vs. LA Girl Brilliant Blue vs. piCture pOlish Hope.

Hope is a dark teal scattered holographic with blue glitter, much darker than the rest. This one is the most unique of the bunch!
Cosmos is a bit of a teal toned blue, a feature which is much more obvious at one coat than it is here.
Brilliant Blue is a dark but vibrant holo with larger holographic particles than the piCture pOlishes.

The formula on all three of these was excellent. I do prefer the brush on the piCture pOlishes to the LA Girl, but if you can find LA Girl in stores (I had to order mine online) it's the clear winner in cost. Photos below are two coats with topcoat.

This last photo captures the different between Cosmos and Brilliant Blue the best:

What do you think, any dupes here? Which one is your favorite?


  1. LA Girl Brilliant Blue is a dupe for the new Zoya Dream from the Zenith collection. :)

  2. Wow, I had no idea that the LA Girl one looked so gorgeous! I have to go search the shelves for it now, I just hope it's here!

  3. So glad I have the LA Girl, it looks the best and was def the cheapest!