Brown and Green Holographic Leaf Nail Art

Happy Halloween!

I bet you thought I'd have some fun Halloween nail art for today. If you did you are partially correct!

This is what I'm wearing on my nails to go along with my Halloween costume! This year my costume is that of a tree fairy/wood spirit (I really don't know what to call myself). I'm wearing a green and brown layered dress (the kind with an uneven bottom like a fairy would wear) with a brown corset, sandals that lace up to my knees with (imitation) leather straps, gigantic brown and green wings shaped like oak leaves and this leather oak leaf mask from Osborne Arts (along with bright green contacts and pointy elf-like ears). Can you imagine it? I hope so, because it's awesome!

My nails are painted with a base color of Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate. I then freehanded a simple dark green leaf shape using Cirque Lonesome George. I outlined the leaves and added details with Color Club Kismet.

I absolutely love my brown and green holographic leaves! They are extremely simple, but exactly the look I was going for. The holo was hard to capture, but it was very apparent in person.

What are you wearing for Halloween? I hope you all have a lovely Halloween!

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