Gelish You Glare, I Glow Swatches!

Hi all!

Polish Etc has been woefully neglected lately, and while I wish things were different, wishing won't change anything. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to post more regularly, but also please stay tuned for a big and very exciting announcement in the coming weeks!

I've been wearing a lot of gel nail polishes lately (since they consistently last for more than a week without any sign of wear) and today's post is another gorgeous gel polish. This is Gelish You Glare, I Glow. Gelish is one of my favorite gel polish brands due to their application and wear time. You Glare, I Glow is a bright, vivid, pigmented purple that was released as part of the Gelish summer 2013 neons collection, All About The Glow. This violet purple really packs a punch, and while it may be more of a summer color, there's nothing wrong with neons in early December, right?

The formula on You Glare, I Glow was excellent. I used three coats with Gelish base and topcoat and cured it with my Sally Hansen LED light for the photos below. Three coats may seem like a lot, but I always use at least three coats with gel polishes because it is best to apply the polish in extremely thin coats (a beginner's gel polish mistake is to apply it as you would nail polish, and thick coats prevent the gel from curing properly). Photos are with 5 days of wear and a fresh coat of top coat for shine.

Do you wear bright colors even when the weather is cold and dreary?

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  1. I wear what ever colors I want, no regard to season lol. This is a great purple!