Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate Swatches

I've never been a huge fan of brown nail polish. There's just something about it that I don't like seeing on my nails. I love brown polish on others, but never on myself! Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate is the first brown polish that I've fallen in love with.

Belgian Chocolate is a rich, warm, brown polish with stunning linear holographic. The application was good, I used two coats and topcoat for the photos below. This one truly is stunning, the holo is very prevalent without overwhelming the color, I got quite a few compliments on this one!

I did notice something weird about the formula for Belgian Chocolate though, the appearance of the polish changed dramatically when I added my usual Seche Vite topcoat. While some holos can be dulled by top coat, this one seemed to change color completely. Check out the photo below for a comparison of Belgian Chocolate with and without topcoat! I definitely prefer the color with topcoat.

What's a nail polish color that you usually don't like to wear?


  1. You've just reminded me that I bought Belgian Chocolate last year and haven't tried it! It looks so gorgeous on you, I have to dig it out. :)

  2. This is a really pretty shade, it is weird though that it looks so different with the topcoat!

  3. omg! so pretty!!! it looks more than brownish xoxo

  4. I have to agree! With the topcoat is much better. What a pretty polish.