Crashing Wave Nail Art

After all of the fun introducing our newest bloggers, today you're back to boring old me with some easy nail art. ;)

The idea for this mani idea started when I saw some stunning wave nail art, first from a french blogger La paillette frondeuse, then from the fabulous Nailasaurus. I was definitely inspired and wanted to create my own ocean nails as a hybrid between these two gorgeous looks. It's about time I did some ocean-themed nails, I am a marine biologist after all. ;)

I started with a base coat of piCture pOlish Ocean. The scattered holographic in Ocean makes it a perfect water base color. This was actually a mani that was several days old and was starting to show a bit of tip wear, what a great way to refresh a manicure! Following the Nailasaurus, I haphazardly sponged on a lighter blue (Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear It For The Boy) and a white (Cult Nails Tempest).

The crashing waves is definitely one of my most successful and easiest nail art adventures yet. Since crashing waves are very abstract, there is no right or wrong. All I really did was dab some polish on the tips of my fingers and voila, waves!

I can't wait to wear this mani somewhere to show it off! My fellow marine biologists are going to love it. What's your favorite simple nail art look?



  1. These are super cool. I want to give them a try :)

  2. I'm such a dumbass, and it must be the current weather here, but these remind me of mountains of snow!!! you know, piled up by snow plows... either way, I love snow, so maybe that's why i thought of it?? in any case, this mani is so gorgeous!!!

  3. Boring? I think not! These are lovely :)