Cult Nails must haves!

If you know me well enough, then you would know that I adore Cult Nails polish. My first Cult Nails was 'My kind of Kool aid', I had bought from a blog sale about a year ago. And I am happy to say I now own every single polish they have ever sold. Their formulas are fantastic and most polishes are a one coater.

These two polishes should be staples in anyone's helmer! Today I have Cult Nails Nevermore, accented with Tempest. 

Cult Nail polishes are super creamy and opaque. Seen here is two coats with top coat. 

I added some stars to my mani. These two polishes are perfect for stamping. I think the stars are a great  pairing with black and white nails. 

I used MoYou pro plate 06 for the stamping. If you have not used their plates yet, give them a go. They are fantastic quality and unique. 

What are you favorite black and white polishes?


  1. I agree! Everyone should have Nevermore and Tempest. I don't know why it took me so long to get them.

  2. Nevermore is like THE perfect black. <3

  3. Beautiful and I love those stars - you have to know, I am an inept when it comes to stamping, I already invested countless hours until I realized I will remain a clutz at it. OK so my favorite white: Tempest as well. My favorite Black: A England Camelot, for any layering though also Nevermore - love your Blog - Christine - <3