Girly Bits Wave the Sales Multichrome

Multichromes might just be my new thing. I love all things sparkly and can stare at my nails looking at the reflections. But this is completely new and different and I love it. So many different color combinations. I took about 30 pictures and could not capture all the colors this polish morphed in to. Look at the bottle shots in the photos. I could count about 10 different colors I saw throughout the day.

This is two days worth of wear in this picture. Three thin coats with one coat of HK Girl top coat. I wasn't going to use a top coat but the polish took forever to dry!

I tried to take multiple photos at different angles but it would only capture a few of the colors since I did not change the light source.

This probably has to be one of my favorite polishes to date. Definitely one to stare at!

Girly Bits is based in Canada and the ships to the US and beyond. It can also be found at my favorite stockist Llarowe.

Thanks for checking it out! -Gari Margarita_onthe_rocks


  1. Oh my! This is stunning Gari! Why didn't I buy this one? :D You captured the color shift so well!

    1. Thanks Bec!! I really wish I could capture all the colors. :)

  2. I never get tired of multichromes *swoon* I think you did a pretty great job with the photos, too!

  3. Lookin great!! thanks so much for posting!