The Color Purple

Come for the Alice Walker reference, stay for the manis. That's how I roll. Sorry for being AWOL, new blog friends! I've been in a bit of a mani slump. Don't you just hate it when that happens? But now it's lazy Sunday and I finally have a mani to share! So let's hop back on the polish pony.

I don't know if any of you shopped the recent Cult Crypt sale, but I sure did. To the detriment of my wallet and the delight of my inner Cultie, I shopped that sale and then shopped it again (true story, bros). The first of my orders arrived Friday and I rescued it from the office yesterday. Fast forward to today and it was finally time to play with my new purple polish babies. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do an ombre mani or a gradient mani, so I took the easy way out and did both.  Here's the base:

I used Charming on the thumb, Flushed on the index finger and Vicious on the pinky. Double accent nails are gradiented with all three. 

The gradient was fairly subtle and I wasn't totally in love with it. So I went back to the very first rule in the nail girl handbook: when in doubt, ADD GLITTER. 
That magic in a bottle is Pipe Dream Polish All These Diamonds. And it. is. stunning. The cardinal rule of nail girls has never steered me wrong. And this time was no exception.

Here's my favorite shot of this mani. 

And, because I still feel slightly remorseful about slacking on my collaborative blogging responsibilities (though I did leave you in the excellent and perfectly polished hands of Bec, Gari and McAmy!), I have a parting macro shot. 

Flushed. Wowza!

And that'll do it for me for today. Hope y'all have a fabulous three-day weekend and get lots of polish playtime in!



  1. Love the addition of the glitter. So pretty!!

  2. Replies
    1. I think I may own more purples than any other polish color. Purples with shimmer are my no buy kryptonite!

  3. What genius told you to add All These Diamonds?

    PS...this mani rocks :)

    1. Well, since we share a brain; that would! Jk, HBBB! And thank you!!