Dr. Suess Duo

Hi lovelies!

I have some more goodies to show you that will be launching this weekend.  Two great indie polish gals, Carissa and Carolyn, have teamed up to create a pair of polishes inspired by Dr. Suess books.  These polishes with be available as a set from both the Freak Show Polish and the Liquid Sky Lacquer sites. 

First up is "No One Alive Is Youer Than You" from Liquid Sky Lacquer.  This glitter bomb has it all!  Tons of shapes (stars, hearts, butterflies, giant hexes, squares, micro glitter) and in all the colors of the rainbow.  I used one coat dabbed over a skittle mani of primary colors.  I did seek out certain glitters to make sure I was able to show all the shapes.  It was very glitter dense.

Liquid Sky Lacquer - No One Alive Is Youer Than You
Liquid Sky Lacquer - No One Alive is Youer Than You
Next is "Green Eggs and Ham" from Freak Show Polish.  This is a mossy green slimmer polish with a myriad of colored micro flakies.  I used two easy coats with a top coat.  I really love this muted green color.  When Carissa first showed me this polish concept, I said it did remind me of eggs.  It reminded me to the green/grey rim you get around a yolk if it is overcooked when hard boiling.  Haha! 

Freak Show Polish - Green Eggs and Ham
And as you saw in my last post...gotta macro all the flakies!
Freak Show Polish - Green Eggs and Ham
The Dr. Suess Duo will launch at 5pm on February 8th.  The polishes will not be sold separately and only come as the duo.  The cost is $17 and can be purchased from both Freak Show Polish and Liquid Sky Lacquer
-Amy McG aka McPolish