Colors by Llarowe Dirty Diana Swatches!

When I first started becoming obsessed interested in nail polish, linear holographic polishes were rare and coveted. Back then, even the dullest holo was something new and amazing (and would fetch a pretty penny). These days we're quite spoiled with holos. Almost every indie brand has their own collection of linear holos, and they are all absolutely stunning. I've become so spoiled with linear holographics that it takes a lot to impress me anymore. Colors by Llarowe, however, has produced some of the most stunning holos I've ever seen. These polishes combine vivid jelly bases (my favorite for holos) with some of the most intense holos I've ever seen.

Colors by Llarowe Dirty Dianna is a dark burgundy-purple base with linear holographic. The formula seemes perfection to me, it's opaque in two coats, and dries very quickly. I topped it with Seche Vite top coat and didn't have any dulling of the holo. Unfortunately, I didn't have the best wear time on this polish, it lasted about two days before it began to chip, which is actually pretty normal for holos. I will definitely have to try out different base/top coats to figure out how to make it last longer, because the rich color is to-die-for.

Just LOOK at that holo!

Have you tried Colors by Llarowe? Are you a fan of these stunning holo finishes?

-- Rebecca


  1. Every time I see a swatch of Dirty Diana, I want it more and more!

  2. WOW! that is definitely the most vivid holo I've ever seen! beautiful. I love the color, too.