Tillie Polish - Sweet Treats

Hello Spring!

Today I have one of my favorite indie polish brands to share with you.  Tillie Polish is a wonderful company founded by three sisters that love polish.  I do not have a single polish from these ladies that I do not just love.  What I love about their polishes...they are not glitter bombs!  If you are into indie polish at all, you know how many brands are glitter crazy.  Tillie Polish has great crèmes and shimmers to add to your collection.  Perfect application, vibrant colors, smooth and creamy...everything you want in polish!  So you can imagine my sheer joy when I opened up my mailbox to find a surprise package of their new spring collection, Sweet Treats.   There are 5 bright and springy colors in this collection, 2 crèmes and 3 subtle shimmers.  So get ready for some nail art and swatches!


Tillie Pollish - Sweet Treats - Splash Flower mani

I used all five of the Sweet Treats collection to create this Splash Flower nail art.  It was easy and fun and looks awesome.  I followed a tutorial made by my pal Emily at The Lacquerologist.  Go check it out and try it for yourself!

I will just start with my surprise favorite of this collection...Raspberry Macaron.  2 coats of creamy raspberry goodness.  I almost felt like I could get away with one thick coat to be honest.  This type of color is something I would never pick up off the shelf for myself, but it is just so pretty on the nail.  I will wear this again and again.  According to the swatches I have seen on Instagram, this seems to be the favorite of many.

Tillie Polish - Sweet Treats - Raspberry Macaron

Next up is Apple of My Pie.  I used two coats for this swatch as well.  The name is perfect because this color totally reminds me of a fresh green apple.  It's a little sour and a little sweet. 

Tillie Polish - Sweet Treats - Apple of My Pie

And now for the shimmers.  Here is Pink Lemonade, a muted pinky nude with a subtle shimmer.  This polish was more sheer than Tillie's typically are.  I used three coats for these swatches but have seen people wear this with one sheer coat and it still looks great.  I think it would make a great base for a French manicure.

Tillie Polish - Sweet Treats - Pink Lemonade

Cotton Candy Crush is a bright springtime blue with a subtle shimmer.  I don't think I have a color quite like this in my collection.  Two coats used for this swatch.

Tillie Polish - Sweet Treats - Cotton Candy Crush
Lastly is Buttercream Dream, a gorgeous buttery yellow with a subtle shimmer.  This applied quite well for a yellow polish.  I did use three thin coats to even it all out.  I think this color would look great with tan skin tones.  

Tillie Polish - Sweet Treats - Buttercream Dream
I topped all of these swatches off with Tillie Polish Glossy Top Coat.  It is super glossy and dries very fast.  The Sweet Treats Collection is available for preorder on the Tillie Polish site.  You can get the entire collection for a discounted price of $35 for only a few more days. 
Enjoy the springtime :)
- Amy McG (McPolish)