LA Girl Black Illusion Swatches

If there's one thing I love more than a linear holo, it's a squishy jelly-based scattered holo. Although I love my Zoya scattered holos, and my piCture pOlish scattered holos, I always go back to my LA Girl 3D Effects Hologram Collection. This was a collection of scattered holographic polishes that cost just $4 to $5 each (still available on and the LAgirl website, although I'm unsure of in-store availability). These polishes are stunning, and just as gorgeous as the more expensive brands.

This is LA Girl Black Illusion, a black jelly base loaded with scattered holographic flecks. The color is really more of a dark grey than black. I don't usually wear black nail polish, so I actually prefer the dark grey to black! The best part of this polish is that the uncolored base means every color of the rainbow is visible reflecting in the scattered holographic flecks, and it's stunning!

The formula on these polishes is thick, but quite easy to apply. Black Illusion one was opaque in 2 coats, and I added a third coat for more depth (photos show 3 coats and SV topcoat). The wear time is excellent, I wore this one for more than three days with only a little tip wear (and I'm not very gentle on my hands/nails).

Isn't it just stunning? Are you a fan of scattered holos?



  1. This is one of my favorites and I think that the collection was one of the best last year.

  2. Big fan over here! I own several from this collection and also from Zoya's scattered holos and they are a great option for half the price.

  3. I prefer scatters over linears :)