Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night collection (Pt 2, The Bases and Extras)

More goodies for your Pizza Night!

I hope you enjoyed all the pizza topping glitters I recently posted.  Well, Fat Lacquers also has a set of bases to help make your own pizza nails at home!  We have crusts and sauces and drinks and side items.  The entire Pizza Night collection launched today and sets are currently available.  You can purchase the entire collection, each set separately, a limited edition blogger collection and there is even an option to create your own pizza!  Fun!  Let's get into the bases of this collection :)

Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night


Every pizza needs a base.  Here is "Perfectly Crispy Crust" in 2 coats.  This is a truly great nude polish.  I love the little dark bits that takes it away from being a straight crème. 

Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night  - Perfectly Cripsy Crust

And now for some sauces for that pizza crust.  "Saucy Saucy" represents that classic red pizza sauce.  It has a red jelly base with lots of tiny micro flakies.  I used 3 coats here. 

Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night  - Saucy Saucy

Next is more of a non-traditional  (but equally delicious) sauce, "White Sauce Weirdo".   This polish looks just like a creamy white sauce with lots of spices.  I used two coats.

Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night - White Sauce Weirdo

Every pizza night needs some beverages!  My favorite beverage with pizza is a "Ice Cold Brewski".  I love this concept and this polish.  I used 3 coats of this mustardy yellow crelly for this swatch.  This is one of those ugly/pretty colors that I adore! 

Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night  - Ice Cold Brewski
For those of you that don't partake in the brews, "Don't Forget the Cherry Cola" is for you.  This was a fun little shifty shimmer polish.  I used one coat over black here but you can get full coverage with three coats.  It is super dreamy!
Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night - Don't Forget the Cherry Cola

And lastly, a perfect pairing with pizza..."Buffalo Wings".   This hot orange jelly with golden flakies looks just like hat sauce on my fingers after eating buffalo wings.  No lie!  I used 3 coats for this swatch.

Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night  - Buffalo Wings
For a little treat, I have "McPizza"!  Felicia asked all 4 of us swatchers what our favorite pizza was.  I had no idea she was making a polish out of my favorite toppings.  Can you guess my favorite pizza based on this polish?  (White pizza with chicken, tomatoes and banana peppers)  You can get the limited edition blogger pizza package for $32.  Check out the rest of the pizzas from  Mama Juice Box, Storm and Stars and Lethal Lacquer!
Fat Lacquers - Pizza Night - McPizza

So what kind of pizza nails are you going to make with this collection?!?!  Those of you with pointy claw can create some really authentic looking pizza slices.  Layer the crust then the sauce ruffian style and chose a topping glitter.  Instant pizza slices on your fingers!

Check out Fat Lacquers and get yours today :)
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Amy McG (McPolish)



  1. Oh, I love this group! Perfectly Crispy Crust is such a gorgeous neutral (*love* those teeny speckles!), and White Sauce looks so pretty, and I just love the way the Cherry Cola looks layered over black! ♥

  2. All of these are great - I could literally have Pizza everynight and not get sick of it! Great swatches.

    1. Thanks! Pizza is the best food ever! I would never get old of it.