My first P2 Cosmetics!

Guten Tag!

I recently participated in my first international nail mail swap.  My buddy, Beninga, and I swapped drug store brands that neither if us could get in our respective counties very easily.  She wanted Hard Candy, Sinful Colors and Orly from the US.  I wanted P2, Essence and Catrice from Germany.  I was so ecstatic over the amount of awesome in my box from Germany!  Tons of textured polish and lots of orange and coral colors.  I love textured polish :)  It makes great accent nails and I use them in all of my skittlettes.   But I had no idea just how awesome P2 Volume Gloss line was.  Holy hell!  These polishes have the most perfect, creamy, glossy formula ever.  I seriously want them all!

So here is my very first P2 mani!  I used 2 coats of Business Woman from the Volume Gloss line and 2 coats of Strict from the Sand Style line.  I did not use a top coat.  Repeat...I DID NOT USE A TOP COAT!  Look at that perfect shiny finish!!!!  I'm in love!

P2 Business Woman and Strict

P2 Business Woman and Strict

P2 Business Woman and Strict

Don't you wish you could just run out to Walgreens and pick up this whole line of polishes?  I do.  But I will have to wait for another package from Germany :) 

Danke Freunde!
- Amy McG aka McPolish


  1. I'm so happy! :) That is the perfect polish for you. <3
    And you will get them all - I promise! :D

    Love, Lotte

  2. Really gorgeous! I also want some P2 polishes but unfortunately they don't sell them in our country. At least we have Essence and Catrice but these aren't that popular, although I like them too.

    1. Doesn't it stink! I wish they were easier to get