Barielle and Color Club NOTDs

Hi lovelies!

I have two excellent fall collections to show you today!  I have heard of Barielle polishes before but I had never seen them in real life nor had the opportunity to try them.  So, I was very excited when they sent their new fall collection, Me Couture, for review.  The day I received the package,  I had also picked up the new Color Club Seven Deadly Sins collection from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I thought these two collections went beautifully together!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I just love to use textured polish as an accent nail.  So the pairing of these two collections was a no-brainer.  You may notice that my nail length is a little different in each of these photos.  That is because I actually wore all of these looks to work for a day.  They were very work appropriate and wore well.  (Polish typically only lasts one day on my nails before it starts chipping or peeling off)  So let's get into these fall colors!  I can't wait to hear which shade is your favorite.

Barielle Me Couture - Color Club Seven Deadly Sins - McPolish

Just a general note about all of these swatches.  I used base coat, two coats of polish and top coat (except on the accent nails to keep the texture).  The creme formulas of the Barielle polishes were smooth and easy to work with.  I really liked the slightly squishy look to the darker shades.  

First up is Barielle "Soho at Night" which is a slightly dusty grape plum color.  I paired it with Color Club "Friends with Benefits", a metallic lavender with fine texture and hex glitter of the same color.

Barielle Me Couture - Color Club Seven Deadly Sins - McPolish

Next is a greige taupe creme called "Taupe Notch" from Barielle.  I wore with with "Dirty Money" from Color Club which is a matte gold textured polish with small silver hexes.  I totally dug this mani when I wore it!

Barielle Me Couture - Color Club Seven Deadly Sins - McPolish

One of the brighter colors in this Barielle collection is "Berry Posh", a lovely raspberry colored creme.  I paired it with Color Club "Fierce".  It is very interesting textured polish.  The base is deep eggplant purple with a gorgeous copper and rosy shimmer.  It was finely textured and had a little bit of duochrome effect.

Barielle Me Couture - Color Club Seven Deadly Sins - McPolish

This deep indigo creme is "Moda Bleu" by Barielle.  It looked very blue in some light and very purple in others.  I was nervous about wearing this and having a lot of staining because it was so dark.  But I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't stain at all!  I wore this is Color Club "Under Your Spell", a purple textured polish with green/gold shimmer.  The small purple hexes really pop against the shimmery textured background.

Barielle Me Couture - Color Club Seven Deadly Sins - McPolish

Another dark color with no staining at all was "Boho Chic" from Barielle.  This deep teal creme is perfect for fall!  I wore it with the most complimentary textured polish called "Obsession" from Color Club.  It was the lest textured of the collection but it was just so cool.  It had a blackened base with emerald/teal shimmer.  Such an awesome combo!

Barielle Me Couture - Color Club Seven Deadly Sins - McPolish

Last but not least, was the only shimmer in this Barielle collection.  "Vintage Gown" is a rusty mauve creme with a copper shimmer through out.  I paired it with a orangy-copper-gold textured polish from Color Club called "Indulge Me" and they were a match made in heaven.  

Barielle Me Couture - Color Club Seven Deadly Sins - McPolish

I hope you liked these collections as much as I did!  It is rare for me to be able to wear an entire collection and share swatches.  Overall, I was very pleased with the formula and wear of these Barille polishes.  I will be on the look out for more!  Which color combo was your favorite?  I will chose Vintage Gown and Indulge me as my favorite with Taupe Notch and Dirty Money in close second.

You can find Barielle and Color Club at various stores but check out their websites for store locations and online ordering.

Until next time!
Amy "McPolish" McG

*The Barielle collection was provided by the maker for honest review.  
The Color Club collection was purchased by me*


  1. I love the Barielle Me Couture Collection! I have yet to try a polish of theirs or come across a formula that I didn't like! Those CC textures are GORGEOUS! Color Club is a brand I have yet to try! Great pairings and swatches, I'm kicking myself for not checking your blog out sooner!!