Scratch Nail Wraps


Have you ever used nail wraps or polish strips?  I haven't.  I have used water decals and  nail stickers but never a full wrap in the place of polish.  So, I was thrilled to be able to try out Scratch Nail Wraps after seeing so many cool designs all over Instagram.  Since this was my first time, I decided to just use them in the way they were intended: cover the nail completely.  You can use a wrap on every finger for a full mani, but I like a good skittlette so I added in some textured polish for this look.  I chose gold to match the small gold centers of the graphic flowers.  This look was simple and easy and took no time at all (even for a first time user like me!).

Scratch Nail Wraps - McPolish

Here is the packaging.  It is clean and graphic, which I like.  The front window is open with the wraps sealed in a wrapper inside.  But the tools are free floating.  So take care in putting the wrapped wraps (yes, that was on purpose) in front of the tools so they don't fall out of the window inadvertently.  There are not specific instructions on the back of the packaging but there is a link their website with both written and picture instructions.

Scratch Nail Wraps - McPolish

Inside this little nail wrap kit, you will find two strips of nail wraps, a small nail file and a small orange wood stick.  The nail wraps are two strips sealed in another wrapper.  Each strip has 8 different sized wraps to fit almost all nail sizes.  In this package, you can see there are navy colored wraps and a few accent nail wraps in lavender.  These wraps are obviously longer than my little shorties, but they would be long enough if you had medium to long nails.  The only odd thing about these wraps is that the curved edge was not very straight or consistent from wrap to wrap.  I know not every one's nails beds are perfectly curved but I would like the illusion that they were if I was using these wraps.  The good thing that that you can cut them to fit your curve better if needed.  I was also able to smooth the edge away with acetone and a clean up brush once they were applied just like regular polish.   

Scratch Nail Wraps - McPolish

I chose three wraps that fit my nail beds the best.  There are two protective plastic coatings, one on top and one on the bottom, on each wrap.  Once you take both of these off you can place the sticky side right on your bare nail.  I was able to lift the wrap off my nail and reposition without trouble.  I used my finger and the orange wood stick to smooth the edges of the wrap down all around the nail bed.  I did not experience any bubbling.  I used the nail file to remove the excess wrap from my free edge.  I did make the mistake of pull the excess off without completely filing it away.  You can see my little oopsie on the corner of my thumb nail.  So be gentle when removing the excess.  I top coated the wraps and it did not affect the look of the wraps. 

Scratch Nail Wraps - McPolish

Overall, I am pretty happy with this first experience!  Even though the design on this set was not mind blowing and one that I could easily have done on my own, I would definitely try the more intricate designs in the future.  I think these are an easy way to get a fun accent nail or fancy full manicure without a lot of effort.  I was not able to wear test these as I just can't seem to keep a manicure on for more than 24 hours these days.  But I have heard through word of mouth that they wore well.

So have you tried out nail wraps before?  Have you tried this brand?  If you have tried them and other brands I would love to hear how you think they compared.  If you would like to try them out for yourself, check out the website and look at all the amazing designs.  You can purchase designs as you would like or sign up for their monthly mani box with limited edition designs sent to your house each month!

-Amy McG (McPolish)

*Product provided by the creator for honest review*


  1. I've only tried nail wraps once (those were by Catrice) and I actually really liked them. Scratch wraps have some awesome designs though and I like how you can smooth away edges with acetone!