Polish Alcoholic - Nail Art with the Superheroes Collection

Happy Sunday!

Today, I have two super fun polishes to share with you all.  Polish Alcoholic has just released the Superheroes Collection which is a set of 6 polishes all inspired by comic book superheroes.  I was sent two from this collection for review and I just loved them.  I hope you do too!

First up we have "Magneto", a shimmery blurple polish.  This was a little sheer and did take three coats for full opacity.  But the extra layers really give this duochrome dimension.  This polish really glows from within with a slightly red glow and a blue to purple shift.  So pretty!  I don't think I have anything else like this in my collection (and that is a feat!).  I added some sliver and purple rhinestones to create a little gem flower double accent nail.

Polish Alcoholic - Magneto - Superheroes Collection - McPolish

Polish Alcoholic - Magneto - Superheroes Collection - McPolish - MACRO

The other Superheroes polish sent was called "Loki" and again, super unique to my collection.  "Loki" is a brown based shimmery duochrome polish that has a striking green flash and a red/pink shift.  You know when you have a hard time describing what I am seeing in a polish, it's gonna be awesome!  Like Magneto, Loki was a little sheer and I used 3 coats to build opacity.  I used Loki in a little green and brown skittlette mani.  The stamping was done with Mentality Nail Polish "Green Opaque" and MoYou London Suki 07 plates.  The textured polish on my pinkie is OPI "What Wizardry is This?".

Polish Alcoholic - Loki - Superheroes Collection - McPolish

Polish Alcoholic - Loki - Superheroes Collection - McPolish - MACRO

I am in love with these polishes...are you?  It is difficult to give me a polish that I don't already have something similar in my collection, but Sabrina did it.  Be sure to check out the rest of the collection in the Polish Alcoholic shop and let me know which ones you ended up ordering. :)

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Thanks friends!
-Amy "McPolish" McG


  1. Absolutely awesome! :D

    Love Lotte

  2. Wow, these are such gorgeous shades! I am loving the first colour, so deep and pretty! I also love the designs you came up with :) xx

  3. Wow those polishes are great, you swatches and you pics of course too! Can't get enough of the purple one.

  4. these are so unique and pretty! Also the green you used in the stamping really brings out the color of the other polish. I'm adding these to my wishlist for sure.