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Today I have one of my favorite cuticle care products to share with you.  I get asked on a daily basis what I do to keep my nails looking good.  The answer is always CUTICLE CARE! When I first started "doing my nails" the only real change I made was using cuticle balms and oils daily.  For me, this was the single most important step to getting great nails.  For the past year or so, Sweet Baby by Donna has been my go to product for keeping my nails and cuticles in tip top condition.

Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle balms and oils - McPolish

First off...let's talk about Donna.  I love this lady!  She is not only super nice and a great business woman, but she does some pretty awesome nail art as well (Donna's Instagram).  I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Donna in person yet.  But I know that we will be doing that squeaky girl thing and jumping up and down when we do. Haha!  She's a doll face :)

Now let's talk about the amazing cuticle care that is Sweet Baby.  I have been using Donna's products for over a year now and I can safely say, they are my favorite.  I have a a tub of cuticle balm on my desk at work, in my purse, on my nightstand, everywhere I could need it.  I feel that my cuticles and nails are as healthy as they are because of these products.  Her oils are excellent and a crowd favorite.  I use the oil after a manicure but use the balm all throughout the day.

Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle balms and oils - McPolish

Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle balms and oils - McPolish

Sweet Baby comes in two forms: solid cuticle balm and oil.  You can get these scented or unscented.  Donna has her standard scents like Om and Tip of Tranquility and Pink Sugar.  But she also releases special scents for different times of the year.  My hands down favorite scent is Candy Cane.  I just love the peppermint that lingers around after I apply it.  Yum!  Balms come in a nifty screw top tub and the oils are in a refillable roller ball glass vial.

Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle balms and oils - McPolish

If you are unsure which scent you would like best...just pick up a sample pack!  In each sample pack comes with 8 vials of oil in each scent (0.5ml each) and a small pot of unscented balm (Namaste).  I got a good slathering of oil for all 10 nails from each vial.  I think this is a great way to try out new scents without having to commit to a full sized product.

Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle balms and oils - McPolish

Donna is planning a restock this Friday, February 27th.  You this will be that last time she is stocking her winter scents.  So if you want the most awesome scent, Candy Cane, you should stock up for the year!  If you end up trying her cuticle products or you already are a fan, let me know what you think of them!

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*Sample pack provided by the creator for honest review, some products were bought personally*


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  1. I just looove the Warm Honey scent, it's so yummy! :) She just makes awesome products.

    Love Lotte