Pahlish - Happy Holo-Ween II Collection

Hi all!

I have some lovely fall holographic polishes to share with you this afternoon from Pahlish!  This is the second year that Pahlish has put out an all holographic collection at  Halloween.  This year we have a nice mix of bright and muted colors.  Each have a strong linear rainbow effect as well as tiny little flakies throughout.  One of the cutest things about Shannon's Halloween collection is the bottle design.  She puts these cute little ghosts on the bottles instead of the standard Pahlish logo.  Too cute!  Let's check out some rainbow-holo-awesomeness!

Pahlish - Happy Holo-Ween II - McPolish

 Let's start with a little info that applies to all of these swatches.  I used two coats with a glossy top coat for all of them.  The formula was consistently good across the board, smooth to apply and opaque in two coats.   For the accent nail, I did a little reverse stamping using all 5 colors in this collection.  I love using holos in reverse stamping!

"Cinnamon Twist" is a warm spicy red linear holographic polish with subtle bright red microflakies.  This may look a little more berry in color in certain light.  It's a nice fall color.

Pahlish - Happy Holo-Ween II - McPolish - Cinnamon Twist

"Marshmallow Pumpkin" is a light, true orange holographic with orange and peach microflakies.  With this being the lightest color in the collection, it's linear holographic shimmer was the least strong but it was still very visible.  This might be my favorite but I am a sucker for orange polish.

Pahlish - Happy Holo-Ween II - McPolish - Marshmallow Pumpkin

"Cotton Candy Creature" is a bright medium purple linear holographic packed with purple and pink microflakies.  This one had one of the strongest holo effect of the bunch.  It will be a favorite of many for sure.

Pahlish - Happy Holo-Ween II - McPolish - Cotton Candy Creature

"Sour Caramel Apple" is a bright apple green linear holo with bright green and gold microflakies.  This is such a bright green color but it is great for Halloween.  If you are a green polish lover, you need this baby.

Pahlish - Happy Holo-Ween II - McPolish - Sour Caramel Apple

"Black Licorice Bats" is a purplish grey holographic polish with pink and purple microflakies.  The flakies are the most visible in this polish as is the holographic effect.  I love it!  

Pahlish - Happy Holo-Ween II - McPolish - Black Licorice Bats

So which colors are your fave?  Mine are the orange and grey...but that will came as no surprise to anyone, lol.  I'm so predictable!  Well...this collection launches tonight at 8pm EDT along with the October 2015 duo, Rare Month.  I just posted swatches of the duo on my Instagram if you want to check them out.  You can the entire collection for $50 or individually for $11 each.  Let me know if you snag any of these!

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- Amy McG (McPolish)

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  1. Oooh, they're so awesome! :) My favorites are the berry and the purple one (no surprise, eh? ^^)!

    Love Lotte