Takko Tuesday! - Opium

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I have one of my oldest "untried" Takko Lacquer polishes to share with you tonight.  I have had "Opium" in my possession ever since my very first Takko purchase over 2 years ago.  And I have never worn it.  What the what!?!?!  I know...it's criminal.  But do not fear, I wore it today to share with you all!  "Opium" is a beautiful vampy polish that is perfect for fall.  The base color is a dark brown which is almost black.  There is an intense warm reddish orange shimmer through out this polish that shifts to gold and then green at extreme angles.  It is a little sheer on the first coat but I was happy with it's opaqueness after a good second coat.  You could also layer a thin coat over black and get a similar effect (and save your previous shimmery polish).  I was distracted by my nails all day.  I am in love!  I have no clue why it took me so long to wear this shade.  It is colors like this that make be crave autumn.  

The last two photos were taken under two different light sources to try and bring out the color shifty awesomeness for you.  The first photo is what this polish looks like most of the time, even in lower light settings which is nice.  I want to eat my fingers! Haha.

Takko Tuesday! - Opium - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Opium - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Opium - McPolish

Takko Lacquer is closed for the month of November but will be back in December with new polishes.  I am not sure when this beauty will be back in stock so be sure to follow Takko on all of their social media outlets to be abreast of restocks and new releases.

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Takko Lacquer stockists: Mei Mei Signatures, Femme Fatale

Many thanks!
- Amy McG aka McPolish

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  1. Gooooorgeous! :) I love these fall colors too. And this polish is like unicorn pee with a different base color. Great!

    Love Lotte