KBShimmer Winter 2015 Holos

Happy Sunday!

Today, I have some gorgeous holographics from KBShimmer's recent winter collection.  These three polishes are cool and icy and perfect for the season.  They can also be worn year round as blue and grey aren't just for the cold season.  Linear holographics have been the hot polish finish this year.  I have been loving all of the extra little bits of fun indie makers have been adding to the holographic mixes.  And these three all have a little something extra!  Let's take a look. :)

KBShimmer Winter Holos - McPolish

"Fleece Navidad" is a light dove grey polish with a subtle linear holographic shimmer.  This polish is very delicate and the grey base color slightly leans baby blue.  The extra little bit of blue coloring likely comes from the bright blue microflakies added into this holo.  The blue flakies actually shift to a pinky/purple color at an angle.  You can see it on the edges of my nails in the macro photo.  I did two coats topped with KBShimmer's Clearly on Top quick dry top coat.  Great formula and not streaky even though it is a light color.

KBShimmer Winter Holos - McPolish - Fleece Navidad

KBShimmer Winter Holos - McPolish - Fleece Navidad

"Claws and Effect" is a navy blurple with a strong linear holographic effect.  The rainbows are bouncing off  the nail!  This, too, is packed with bright blue flakies.  I didn't see the shift as readily in these flakies as I did in the ones in Fleece Navidad, but that doesn't make them less beautiful.  Amazing formula as well.  I did two coats here to see if the color deepened but I was happy with it after one coat.  Again, this has a coat of Clearly on Top.

KBShimmer Winter Holos - McPolish - Claws and Effect

KBShimmer Winter Holos - McPolish - Claws and Effect

"Coal in One" is a charcoal grey linear holographic polish.  This is pretty much a straight linear holo without any extra frills.  But the color is wonderful and a nice change from straight black.  You know I love grey polish...so I may be a little biased.  I did two easy coats topped with Clearly on Top.

KBShimmer Winter Holos - McPolish - Coal in One

KBShimmer Winter Holos - McPolish - Coal in One

KBShimmer really does lovely holographics.  (Who am I kidding, they do lovely everything!)  I would say my favorite holo from the Winter 2015 Collection is Fleece Navidad.  It's just so delicate and versatile.  KBShimmer still has their December gift with purchase special going on.  Get a free gift bag with extra goodies with a purchase of $75 or more.  Check out my previous post for more info here.

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Happy Holidays!
- Amy McG (McPolish)

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  1. Why did I only order the blue one? I really like the Fleece, too. :)

    Love Lotte

    1. Claw and Effect is super pretty. Right up your alley.